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A Q&A With Girl Boss Tess Shearer

A Q&A With Girl Boss Tess Shearer
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Happy Saturday Wonderlanders! I'm back this week with another woefully unprepared blog post (that I swear I didn't forget about until last minute). This week I pestered the BossLady with some questions and written her responses. I might have gotten carried away so these are the ones that didn't result in her rolling her eyes at me... Enjoy!!

Why the name, House of Wonderland?
So, "House of" was basically just because I am working from home. "Wonderland" is defined as a land of wonders or marvels, which describes what goes in my head. It's also a link to my (crazy) obsession with Alice In Wonderland.

Your proudest moment?
There have been many achievements along the way. My top 3 proudest, would have to be: 1. Receiving the SBS award from Theo Paphetis (I love him) 2. Opening a shop on Not On The High Street 3. Finally, one of my more recent achievements is being signed to my marvellous illustration agency, Inky Illustration.

If you didn't run House of Wonderland, what's your ideal job?
I'd probably set up another business, or maybe work as an illustrator. But, my retirement plans are to work in a cat cafe! Kittens & coffee, it's all I need in any life.

I don't have much time for hobbies. Most of what I do is linked to my work, like drawing & illustration. But I also crochet, knit & sew when I get the chance. It's not really a hobby, more of a religion, but I am a huge follower of fashion and worship the great Karl Lagerfeld at least once a week.

Favourite colour?

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Hero or villain?
The ability to not need to sleep, so I could work even more!! I'd love to be a villain cause they have the better clothes, but I'm always too nice to people so I'd probably end up being a hero :(

Any big plans for the future?
Cat Cafe!!! We're moving house this summer, so that's kind of taken over as the big focus for now. But, of course I'm working on a few little bits behind the scenes...

Stuck on a desert island with 3 things, what are they?
Dinah. Oh no, would I need to eat her? She's too beautiful, I'll starve! All my drawing stuff, my ipad, drawing pen and charger (they all count as one!). And lastly, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), just because... well... *drooling*....

Thanks for reading my fellow... readers? bloggers? internet people? Tune in next week for another insightful view into the inner workings of House of Wonderland! Next week, I'm going to take bets on when the BossLady revokes my power over the blog!



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