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My Top 3 Favourite Social Platforms

My Top 3 Favourite Social Platforms
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With social media media being a big part of our daily life's in business and personally I thought I would share a round up of which social media platforms we use most, which are our favorites and which I use personally. I'll also enclose a few links so you can find us easily and give us a follow if you're not already :)

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I think it's such an amazing way to be connected but can also very easily take over your life. Like I'm literally signed into my personal facebook account 24/7 :O When did that even happen?! So I'm going to start with what I'm loving right now from my least to my most used. So let's get straight into it.

My least used platform is Instagram! I just can't get my head around this one and all the rules that constantly change. I use it for sharing our business updates and schedule these via Tailwind. (read more about that here) I think it has great potential and the Insta stories could be amazing! (if I wasn't so nervous about being on camera! :D)... 

I mean I get how Instagram is great for businesses but I don't know how to use this one personally other than for following your favourite celebs? Someone please explain this one to me! :D

Instagram //

Anyway my second most used SM is Facebook. Again love/hate relationship going on here but I get it more than Instagram. So for business I use the business manager website/app to update our Wonderlanders on our posts. I've noticed over the years however Facebook business side of things is becoming increasingly difficult to reach any of our followers. When the page was set up we reached millions! Now we struggle to reach the Wonderlanders that have liked our page. There are the options of paid ads which I use every week but it's still tough on small businesses. But it's not all doom and gloom! It's still an amazing platform to be on and has a great potential reach.

On the flip side I use the facebook app for personal life. So this is where I will share photos of my three little monsters... well as an unhealthy amount of photos of my Dinah (our cat). I don't use it for much else as I find it pretty boring after 15 minutes but I have it constantly signed in -no idea why!

And finally my favourite SM platform atm is.... Pinterest! So I've had a Pinterest account forrrevvvverr but again never really got it. Around 5 weeks ago I decided to actually make an effort with this one. So when I started we had around 15.4K monthly views. I set aside 10 minutes a day every day for the past 5 weeks to use it and it's currently sitting at around 50.4K. So first thing I love about this is that if you put work and time into it you can see results without spending a penny. Secondly I've become addicted to it! Personally & business wise! :D So I have some boards set up publicly which are in relation to House Of Wonderland but I also have some private ones for me (mostly to do with moving house & kids food ideas!) But right now this has to be my favourite.  I'm not sure if Pinterest has the purchasing power business wise that the other platforms have but i'm excited to see where this one goes. 

Pinterest //

 And that's my top three platforms! Which platform do you use the most? Do you have an tips for Instagram/ Facebook or Pinterest? 

Until next week little Wonderlanders, Have a magical weekend!


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