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AGHHH It's the summer holidays!

AGHHH It's the summer holidays!
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We're back and a little later this week due to some big goings ons here at HOW HQ! This week we signed the lease on a new house and office in Skipton, North Yorkshire. We are currently in Berwick Upon Tweed so the move is a pretty big one and for some reason decided next Friday would be the best time to go! So we've spent the past few days clearing out the house and packing up all of our stuff. OMGOSH I loathe packing. I swear moving is one of the most stressful things anyone can do... :D 

Anyhoo with the little ones have just broken up for the summer we're already started to panic on how we keep 3 boys (including a toddler) occupied over the summer. -If you have any suggestions send them our way!

I decided to start a brand new board over on Pinterest for summer activities to do with the little ones. So if your struggling for ideas, have no fear we've got your back! 

With the move happening so soon we're planning to focus on the time after the move and with money being tight here are my top 3 budget friendly things to do with children...

-CRAFTS! - Children love crafts and getting their hands dirty (much to my enjoyment -not :D) but there are some great crafty projects that you can do with your child(ren) at home. You could check which craft supplies you have and then pop over to Pinterest for some ideas. If you don't have much to hand then there's always printable crafts like these which you can find here

If you have no craft supplies but have some money spare then this is a good subscription box I get for our little ones! It comes with all the bits you need to complete a crafty project. Another one on our to do list is to make some fluffy slime. I think i'm going to try out this one which you can find the tutorial for here.

-Competitions! We regularly hold family competitions over the summer (Q the birth of team awesome). Last year one of those was a boat making competition. We each made a boat from supplies we could find around the house and whoever's boat floated the longest was the winner! This year I think we are going to try a bird house competition and whoever makes the strongest birdhouse will have their's hung in the garden. Check out this page for some inspro.


-And finally an obvious one but one I ALWAYS seem to forget (and isn't on Pinterest!) is to check out what you have local and free to you such as museums, art galleries, festivals and shows - some of these usually have free entry or special events on over the summer for kids. 


If you have any top moving tips or suggestions of ways to entertain little ones over the summer be sure to leave us a comment! I must dash and get back to packing but until next week - we hope you have a magical summer <3 



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