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April Makes
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Last month I done a post featuring a round up of my favourite crafty makes from March. So i'm back with another top 5 of my favourite makes from April! Yeup I know you can hardly contain your excitement right?! With our littlest one's upcoming birthday alot of Aprils focus was to make him items from his requested wishlist 😂 Let's get to it then so you can see what I'm talking about! 


At number 5 I have Hey Duggee! 

Hey Duggee if you haven't heard of it is a children's programme which features a dog named Duggee. Robin is literally obsessed with this programme so I had to make this one for his birthday this month. He actually turned out way bigger than I was expecting! He is also super easy to snuggle and mine has a fair weight to him as I ended up stuffing him with toy stuffing and some fabric scraps/off cuts. If you fancy giving this one a go you can find the pattern I used here


Next up at number 4 we have these simple chunky mittens!

Yes I know we're heading into summer and i'm sitting there knitting winter wears! But House Of Wonderland tends to keep us pretty busy in the winter period that I do most of my winter makes in the summer so I have them ready in time. I decided to make these ones as I got some gorgeous wool and the gang new wave yarn which i was desperate to try out! The new wave yarn is a sustainable yarn made with recycled plastic bottles (like our tote bags!) and each ball contains 3 recycled plastic bottles! The mittens I chose to knit were so pleasurable and quick to make up that I had them done within 1 day! If you fancy making your own you can find the pattern free here.


At number 3 we have these adventure time cross stitch hoops.

These super awesome cross stitch kits were a birthday gift from one of my kids back in March. He got me the Adventure Time limited edition club box (standard size) from The Geeky Stitching Co. My kit came with supplies and instructions on how to make jake. It also came with 2 extra patterns to make BMO and LSP. I used some supplies I had lying around to make LSP and I'm currently working on BMO so hopefully I'll have him done this month. Hold up is BMO a boy or girl? Answers on a postcard plz..... 🤣 If you need this in your life then you can find the kit here.


At number 2 I have this 👇👇👇

So this is a drawing I done on procreate which isn't for HOW! I'm usually always drawing for HOW but I have a strong interest in fashion design also so I have been taking some fashion illustration classes over on Skillshare to help me practice. I have taken many classes over there from drawing to business to sewing so it's a great place to learn or even just develop your skills. If you fancy giving it a go pop over via this link so you get 2 months free!!


And we made it to number 1! Have you guessed what it is yet?

Meet Gertrude! Gertrude was requested by my littlest one for his birthday so I had to make it! This was my favouritest thing to make as it was just so enjoyable. I didn't find it laborious and I'm super happy with the finished result. I made my dragon in paintbox yarn from The pattern can be found in the Animal friends of Pica Pau book by Yan Schenkel. I got this book for my birthday and honestly can't recommend it enough. It's beautifully photographed and written from cover to cover and every single project in there is amazing! I am planning to make them all! If you wanna check out this legendary book you can find it on amazon here


And that's it! We made it to the end of my list of favourite makes! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I get up to outside of work! Would you give any of these makes a go? Or have you seen one I should check out? If so let me know!

Until next week little Wonderlanders <3 


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