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Being Married To The Business

Being Married To The Business
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Whoo! We’re on time this week!!

Sorry… Let me try that again…

Good Saturday fellow peoples, welcome to the latest edition in the House of Wonderland Blog. This week you have the pleasure of reading the ramblings of Mr Wonderland. However, I’m never really sure what to write about with blogs, so I think I’ll just give you an insight into what it’s like to be married to someone who’s self-employed with it mixing up home and office life.

I feel I should warn you that I am very tired and extremely bored so it might not be the Pulitzer Prize winning articles I’m known to usually write. Happy reading!


  1. Why are there jump rings in the bed?!

The most physically challenging part living with a business-lady, is that office things don’t tend to stay in the office. It’s like every night, little elves come out, drink heavily then decide to hide supplies all over the house. It definitely takes a certain level of acceptance to open a kitchen cupboard and find a pair of jeweller pliers (how does that even work?!). At first, it’s a whole new experience; you never know you’re going to find in the strangest of places. Then you start to realise that this includes things falling on you, and finding teeny tiny earring backs hiding on the carpets. I swear my feet have had so many holes prodded in them you could make a picture if you joined all the punctures.


  1. For the love of Jeebus, go to sleep!

Ok people, if you are reading this and your partner is wanting to start their own business, just go ahead and give up on sleeping again. Seriously, just forget about it. From this point on you’ll be powered by coffee, takeaways and the false promises of an earlier night to bed. You’ll be up late finishing whatever you can so there’s less to do tomorrow (curse you Future Steve!). Or, you’ll be treated to being woken up at 2am with your partner violently shouting at you to write down some inspirational dream they just had, before they fall right back sleep and you’re left wide awake, alert and a little scared.


  1. #What?

*sigh* Social media… I really don’t know what to say here. Even if you don’t like social media, or if you don’t understand it, that won’t matter anymore. You’ll be told all the ins and outs of Instagram (“Insta” if you’ll cool, apparently), Pinterest, Facebook, whatever. You’ll be told all about hashtags and trends as you stand there politely nodding, while tumbleweeds roll through your noggin. Messages and talking to people I can do, understanding hashtags and when to use AF or lit, confuses the hell out of me. This has led me to discover I’m not one of the “cool dads”, apparently my dad dancing and hip language isn’t lit, and they get embarrassed AF. Word.


  1. “Now that’s what I call music!”

I want to make it clear that I’m not a music snob. It’s just that I like awesome, amazing, fantastic music, and everyone else likes terrible music. Simple. You’ll probably end up having the radio or Spotify on constantly while you’re working, which means you’ll most likely make your way over to the current charts at some point. It’s round about here that my sanity begins to be tested. There’s only so much Justin Bieber or Drake I can listen to before I have to start entertaining myself. Singing to myself, little mocking comments about the songs usually end up with me having a dead arm, but damn it helps pass the time!




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