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Chevron Nails With Rockin Claws Nail Art

Chevron Nails With Rockin Claws Nail Art
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This week I have been drooling over some gorgeous nail art over on Pinterest (check out our nail board here

So I decided my nails are long overdue for a mani so I thought I would combine this weeks blog post whilst treating my nails! 😁 This post features our Spirits Rockin Claws Nail Transfers which you can find here.

So before I get into it I wanted to rave on a little bit about how amazing ciate nail polish is. I recently cleared out all my beauty products and replaced them with companies that don’t test on animals. (FEAR not! We don’t test on animals too!) Thats when I discovered Ciate. Now not only are their polishes not tested on animals but they are also Paraben-free, Gluten free, Vegan friendly and their polish lasts forever (which if you don’t do a mani regularly is pretty awesome!) They have a ton of gorgeous colour available and they have large and mini size available. I have a mix of both but for this post i’m using my minis, these two to be precise!  

The two colours above are Ciate Fun Fair and Ciate Gelology Mistress. Before applying both of these I used the Ciate base coat which isn’t pictured. After applying the base coat I done two coats of fun fair allowing 2 minutes drying time between them.

I then waited a further 30 minutes (yeup I’m in it for the long haul) and applied little triangle nail guide stickers. You can usually pick these up for pennies over on eBay. I found that my ones were super sticky and I was a bit worried about it pulling the polish off so i put them on the back of my hand before sticking to my nail.

Once the guides were in place I done 1 coat of the mistress varnish and waited 2 minutes before carefully pealing the guides away.

Once the polish was touch dry I then applied a couple of our Spirits Rockin Claws nail transfers. These are a limited collection that we have released for this Halloween but basically they’re awesome. They come with a total of 128 transfers which when your only appliying a couple a time should see you through October to Halloween! 

To use the nail transfers you need to carefully cut out your selected transfer(s) from the sheet. I always use nail scissors to cut them out as it’s a little bit fiddly. Once you’ve got your transfer cut out you simply put it in a shallow dish of room temperature water for 30 seconds (or until the image slides of the backing paper) I use tweezers to hold the transfer in the water, then i slide off the backing paper so i’m left with the transfer on the tweezers and I use them to help me apply the transfer. 

Finally I always seal everything with a top coat again from Ciate. I keep meaning to try out their matte top coat and the fast dry top coat - if anyone’s tried them let me know if they’re any good!

And it’s that simple! Would you like to see more nail posts from us or how about some seasonal nail art ideas? Anyhoo lemme know in the comments below!

Have a great day little Wonderlanders



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