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How It All Began...

How It All Began...
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Hello Wonderlanders, 

A few years ago, we wanted to start a weekly blog, but we kind of got distracted by other things and might have forgotten about for a while... But now we're back! We (hopefully) plan of updating the blog every week with everything from business insights to random musings and thoughts. I'll start off with a short post about how the business got started all those years ago.  

House of Wonderland was wished into existence around 6 years ago, by the one & only Tess. Back then the aim of the business was never to get it to where it is now, it was only supposed to be a hobby business to keep her creative side busy. Starting with just £10, Tess bought some charms off of eBay, worked her magic, then sold them as jewellery. In fact, the first bit of jewellery that she made and sold, were simple glass cube earrings. With her determination (and workaholic tendencies), she quickly turned the little hobby business into a family run business that supports our household. 

House of Wonderland itself has changed so much since the start. It has went through so many changes and phases over the years. It went from selling cheaper jewellery, to entirely handmade jewellery made from fimo/clay, to where it is now, selling her own designs made by our partnered manufacturers.  

Running a business that tries to spread happiness and joy into people's lives has helped Tess in a lot ways as well. The support and feedback from all of the wonderlanders is what helps her to keep her going and get through any tough times. When she met Theo Paphitis, she was super worried and anxious (a nervous wreck (but don't tell I said that!)), but with a little coaxing from the man himself and remembering that she had the support of every Wonderlander she powered through and got her photo and award from Mr Paphitis.

...She broke down in tears right after... but let's not dwell on that... 

Along the way, Tess may have won a few awards, and met Theo Paphitis (she still talks about this!), has sold all over the world, and has been recently signed as an illustrator, but if you ask Tess what she loves most about HOW, she would simply answer: Dinah, the HOW mascot.  

Always looking to the future and the next big challenge, Tess & Dinah surely won't stop until they've taken over the world! (or at least the factories that make all the cat treats) 

As I said, this post is only a brief one to try and get back into the habit of writing blogs and the future ones should have a lot more to them. I already have a few planned out that will hopefully work out well, with one them being a Q&A with Tess (and Dinah). I'd love it if all of you Wonderlanders could get involved and ask any questions you've been dying to ask forever.

Feel free to leave a comment here or fire an email over to us with your questions and I'll be sure to annoy Tess until I get answers! 



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