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How it began: Stronger Than You Think

How it began: Stronger Than You Think
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Hope you've all had a great week!? Today I thought I would share the origin story of the Stronger Than You Think enamel pin and how/why it was created as well as a little of some of Wonderlanders reviews of this pin. 

So let's get straight into it! I've been designing and making enamel pins for around 18 months now. Early on was the release of our best selling stronger than you think enamel pin. 

I was going through some difficult times in business, my home life was chaotic and then I was also suffering from some online bullying. :( I have been bullied for 2/3 of my life and this has really had an impact on my life and mental state. But without going to much into that let's just sum it up with I had hit another big wave of depression triggered by this online bullying. 

So I decided nope, I'm not going to stay quiet this time and take it! I grabbed some paper and started sketching some designs up. I was looking for something that would say yeah, i've got this or something to keep me going. Then I remembered the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter and how it made me feel like yes, i can do this! This one right here....

So based on this poster I doodled up the strong arm and added a banner with the word's stronger than you think. When I saw it completed I was like wow! This is awesome! I need it as a pin! :D I put the order in with our pin manufacturer and it went into production. 

When I finally received it in the post I immediately thought of how this didn't just apply to my bullying but also my chronic illnesses, depression and other difficult times. I photographed the pin and listed it on our website and to my surprise it was an instant best seller and still sells steady today! It's been stocked in shops worldwide and featured in articles over on buzzfeed. 

I've also had some amazing feedback on how this pin has also helped others as a little reminder to keep going, through depression, cancer fighting, invisible illnesses and more. Here are just some of the feedback's I've taken from our Etsy shop. 
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