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How to make your own pin banner!

How to make your own pin banner!
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This week I have been working away on some sewing projects and thought I'd make a new pin banner with some of the left over fabric. So this pin banner is a super simple make with straight lines (perfect for beginners) and it only took me an hour and a half to make! 

I made mine from some baby pink 100% cotton fabric. But you would use whatever you want. This banner will work with most material and you could make it in any colour to compliment your room. So let's get straight into it!


You will need:

The pin banner pattern

2 pieces of fabric around 20" x 14" in size

1x piece of interfacing or fusible batting approx 20" x 14" in size

A wooden dowel at least 12.5" in length

String or yarn

Other supplies: Iron, Ironing board, Sewing machine, Scissors, Chalk, Pins.


1. Print out our pin banner pattern and sellotape the paper pattern pieces together to give you a complete pattern. 

2. Place your pattern on top of your cotton fabric and draw around it in chalk. Pin your two cotton pieces of fabric in half and cut out both layers. Cut one more pattern piece from your interfacing or batting.

3. Apply interfacing or batting with an iron to the wrong side of one of your cotton pieces. 

4. With the right sides of your pin banner facing each other pin together. Starting at the top straight edge of your banner sew around the banner with a 1cm seam allowance and a straight stitch leaving a gap at the top of the banner for turning. 

5. Clip all corners diagonally and turn your banner the right side out through the gap you left in step 4. Push out corners with scissors or a knitting needle. Press.

6. Machine or hand sew the gap closed. Fold your pin banner down using the pattern as a guide. Pin into place. You could either machine sew the flap down or hand sew. I chose to hand sew mine down so I wouldn't have any stitching showing on the front of the banner. 

7. Place your dowel in the channel you just created and tie a length of yarn/string onto the dowel to hang. 

And that's it! You now have a gorgeous big pin banner ready to showcase your awesome pin collection! Psssst!!! can shop our Pins right here. ;)


That's it for this week little Wonderlanders! We're dashing off out to see the little ones art in a local gallery today (super proud muma moment!) If you make this pin banner or have any problems get in touch as i'm happy to help and love seeing what you've made! :)  




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