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Make Your Own Dish Scrubbie!

Make Your Own Dish Scrubbie!
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It's that time of the week again, meaning a brand new blog post! - whooo hooo! Are you guys enjoying the posts we have done so far? If so which has been your favourite?

Anyhoooo this week I thought we'd do something a little different.... It has been quite a few years since we last posted a crochet tutorial on our blog so as I've been crocheting away this week, I'd share what I've been making!

So you may have seen these crocheted dish scrubbies online. They are all over Pinterest! They have been on my to make list forever so decided to do them now as they are so quick. Most of the tutorials I found were suggesting the use of dress netting or tulle and simply crocheting discs with that. But I really wanted to try out a yarn that was specifically for crocheting these. 

So my search began and it really didn't take very long as I pretty much always buy all my yarn from Wool Warehouse! So I found this yarn from Rico called Creative Bubble and Wool Warehouse had an amazing 18 shades to choose from! -colour coordination bliss...

So Rico Creative Bubble was specifically developed to knit and crochet sponges. It has a rough tinsel-y texture which I would say has medium scrubbing power... A bit more than a regular sponge but not as much as a Brillo pad? As well as all the gorgeous colours to choose from Rico also have a range of pattern ideas to really go to town with these sponges. Check out the collection here. These 3 are deffo on my list to make!

Anyway I promised you a tutorial so lets get to it!

I decided to make some simple scrubbies to begin with to see how they crochet up and try them out before purchasing all the colours to make the above cuties!

So to make my beginner friendly dish scrubbies you will need:

Yarn: Rico Design, Creative Bubble -Mint (008)
Hook: 4mm
1. MC, CH3, 9DC into the circle, Sl st to CH3 to join. (10)
2. CH3, 1DC in the same st, *2DC in every remaining st*, Sl st to CH3 to join. (20)
3. CH3, 1DC in the same st, *1DC, 2DC in every remaining st*Sl st to CH3 to join. (30)
4-5. CH3, *1DC around*. Sl st to CH3 to join. (30)
6. CH3, *DEC, 1DC* around, Sl st to CH3 to join (20)
7. *DEC* around, Sl st to CH3 to join (10) Cut. 
8. Close the gap by threading the tail through every stitch and pulling through to close. Fasten off and weave in ends.
And it's really that simple! I'm thinking these would look amazing in a whole host of rainbow colours and you could even colour co-ordinate them to jobs, eg. red for bathroom, yellow for dishes etc. 

If you give these a go I would love to see your finished makes so be sure to tag House Of Wonderland or use the hashtag #houseofwonderland. If this post has you itching for more crochet projects check out or crochet downloadable patterns on our website or head over to our Pinterest yarn board to get inspired.
Until next week!


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