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March Makes
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It has been forrrrever since our last post. My bad -life got in the way! You know how it is. Anyhooo I wanted to share some personal crafty projects with you today. So I am a super crafty person. I live and breathe it! When I'm not working on HOW I am either watching fashion shows or craft documentaries, reading fashion books and crafty magazines or working on my personal makes to do list. So I was planning to do this way back in January and share a few of my favourite things I've made that month but you know January came and went and then February and now here we are! 

Like I say I love to craft and I also love to try new crafts. So here is a round up on my top 5 favourite makes for March and also a little bit about them. So if you love them too you can give them a go!

At number 5 I have this gorgeous freshwater pearl necklace. 
Made from sterling silver and a gorgeous strand of freshwater pearls. Each pearl is hand knotted in between as par the traditional pearl necklace method. This is something I learned to do at my local bead shop with my mum a few years ago! But if you want to give it a go you can find a super helpful video here and if you want to know where I got my supplies you can find them here. It's been quite a few years since I made one of these and I made one as that necklace I made with my mum had become a bit tatty over the years and I want to keep it as it is as it holds special memories for me so hence make another to wear! 

At number 4 we have another necklace! I used to do beading quite a bit about 12 years ago but I sorta had no patience for it so gave up quite quickly. I decided to try it out again and ordered a raindrop necklace kit from here. And here's the result.
I ordered a clear/crystal kit but I can't seem to find that colour option on their site anymore. Anyhoooo it comes with everything you need to make this necklace and full instructions. It was a super easy make and in real life is crazy sparkly! I think I could have made it a little longer but I do think with a little black dress this could be amazing!

We're at a half way point now with make number 3! This one is one I designed for my little ones for easter. 
How adorable are these little guys?! I ended up making six and they fit a creme egg or those sort of sized eggs inside. They could also be used for boiled eggs but I made these so we could reuse them every year. If you want to make your own you can find the pattern for them here.

At number 2 we have this one which has been on my to do list for a while.
This little sheep door stop/draft excluder is 100% adorable. I found the pattern over on Ravelry here and ordered all of my supplies from my favourite yarn shop here. We still haven't decided where to put our sheep but it gets lots of love from anyone who sees it! 

And my favourite March make is this Karl Lagerfeld faux suede jacket. 
I am a HUGE Karl Lagerfeld fan so when I saw this I knew I had to make it. I came across it on the Burda Style website here and then managed to hunt down a copy of the magazine and pattern on ebay although it was in german. I ordered the faux suede material from here. When it arrived it was a little thinner than I was hoping for so I ended up sandwiching the inside of the jacket with a heavy weight calico so it would give it some more structure. I then used a cotton cream lining which I had in my stash for the interior. 
It was a super easy sew and I'm so happy with it. I think the thing that took the longest was tailor tacking the calico to the top fabric to make it one fabric. I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern just by leaving out the pockets that went on the flaps as I never use pockets so those two additional ones seemed pretty pointless for me. I also didn't sew on a snap fastening as I wouldn't wear it closed. I made it to wear in spring summer and it's a great medium weight jacket and I've already worn it out!

So that's my favourite makes from March. I'm now on to my April to do list as this one is huuuuugggeee! Would you give any of these makes a go? Or have you seen one I should check out? If so let me know! 

Until next week little Wonderlanders <3 


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