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House Of Wonderland x PawBox Review

House Of Wonderland x PawBox Review
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Recently we supplied the amazing PawBox team with our pet items for their gorgeous pet boxes. PawBox is an amazing pet subscription box based in Greece. Their subscription service offers you the chance to treat your best fur friend to some goodies every month. Their boxes are approx €42 (£36/£37) and come filled with quality goodies for your friend.

I was sent one of these boxes to take a look at so I thought I’d share it with you guys! Firstly shipping, OMGOSH shipping was sooooo fast, like it got to me in 3-4 days! 😲 I swear it was quicker than some of the UK items I ordered so major points there! The box featured their logo and is perfect for gift wrapping and maybe putting away for a birthday or Christmas for your pet.  

I received 5 items in mine and none of them were tiny samples! Which is great! So what I’d I get? Well behold....

As you can see I got a Chicken Drumstick toy leg, an organic meat catnip toy (made from vegan and recycled materials), The innocent cat venison slices with potato, Forelle & Preiselbeere trout & cranberry & Pussy & Tom critters insect repellent. 

Dinah (our kitty) has yet to see this box (i’m hiding it away for her or Christmas) but I am a defiantly looking forward to trying out the critters spray on her! I know for a fact she will adore the meat catnip toy also as she’s a sucker for catnip! 😂

Overall this box was fantastic! I would defiantly recommend trying it out. I plan to purchase one when Dinahs birthday comes around. I can’t find any down sides on this box at all as i think the quality of goods and presentation topped with ninja fast shipping is just amazing!


I would love to hear your thoughts! Have you tried out this box? If not do you follow any pet subscription boxes? Also would you like to see any more reviews from us? Answers below 💖

Anyways that’s all for now little Wonderlanders! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon for a new blog post!





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