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The Cat Lady Wish List

The Cat Lady Wish List
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I know, I know.... we're a day late with this weeks blog update :( My bad! We spent yesterday at the beach with the little ones as it's been a scorcher! I hope your enjoying your weekend too!? I'm already beginning to panic about planning things to do with the little ones over the summer so if you have any suggestions let me know. We haven't planned to go abroad this year as we were looking at relocating (if the right house came up) so it's all been uncertain...

Anyway this week I have mostly been shopping and pinning like crazy over on Pinterest! :D So I thought I'd compile a Cat Lady wish list featuring some of the items I have ordered along with some I just need... like right now...

So from left to right here's what I'm loving right now....

-Pusheen Pink & Mint High Waisted Bikini, $24. I love the print, colours and cut on this one, It has a 50's vibe to it. I don't have the confidence to wear bikinis but if I did, this would deffo be on my shopping list. Find it here.

-Choupette Fun Scarf, Was £85/Now £59. Okay I am a HUGE Karl Lagerfeld fan. I have so many of his pieces and yes they're a little bit pricier than the high street, but they last forever. The quality is amazing and I'm just in love with everything he does and his adorable cat Choupette. I ordered this one yesterday so will try and grab a photo when it arrives! Find it here.

-Chriiss Leather Crystal Stud Cat Bag, Was £129/Now £90. Again Ted Baker makes great quality stuff and this bag is just too cute. The only thing that's stopped me buying this one right now is I already have an adorable cat Karl Lagerfeld bag. But who's to say never right? Find it here.

-Pusheen Cat Food Mallow Balls, £4.95. Ahhhhh how adorable and colourful are these? They are little rainbow coloured marshmallow balls with no fat. So it's a win win! Find them here.

-Cats Can't Be Trusted Baggy Beach Jumper, Was $98/Now $48. This one is deffo high up on my list to buy. I'm crazy about oversized tops and jumpers (they're so forgiving) and this one has purr-appeal! They've teamed it with a skirt on their website which looks super cute and could see you right through to Autumn if you teamed it with some leggings. Find it here.

-Mint Green Cat Collar, £50. I purchased the blue choupette collar for our little Dinah from here and she wears it like a queen. They're super amazing quality and come in a sweet little tin. They also have options to add bells etc and embossing. I think we had a bell, pearl and I had Dinahs name gold foiled. Find it here.

-Mio Cat Food Jar, £27. If you're looking for some cute storage for your little furry companions biscuits or treats, then look no further. This little glass jar will keep it airtight and has a sweet little cat handle. Find it here.

 -Peach Fizz Gourmet Sweets, £3. Okay I finally got my hands on some of these on Friday and I was not disappointed. This particular flavour is a little too fizzy for me (the clues in the name!) So Ill have to try the other variations but the company sells amazing vegan sweets that are gluten free too! Find them here.

-Zara Martin Rose Gold Kitty Headphones, £35. OMGOSH these have been on my wishlist forrevvver. I mean how amazing are those little ears?! These ones come with free shipping too which is an added bonus. Find them here.

-Kitty Cat Planter, £5-£20. Ahhh I'm in love! I'm thinking a whole shelf of these would look amazing in any room. They are 3D printed :O and come in a whole range of colours and 5 different sizes. Purrrfect for cactis or maybe evern some cat grass! Deffo gonna order this one. You can find it here.

And that's my top ten cat lady finds. Now I couldn't not do this post and not include some HOW goodies! Because we've got quite a big cat range here are our top 4 best sellers for last month! 

So from Again from left to right...

-UFO Pet Charm, £6. These can be clipped to your pets collar or pet jacket/jumper with a little silver ring (included) They come in a little plastic packet with a HOW card. Find it here.

-Cat Hair Don't Care Badge, £1.25. This adorable little badge looks great on jackets and backpacks. There's a whole section of pins and badges on the website if you're looking to grab a few. This one is a good one to order with other items with a flat rate shipping fee. Find it here.

-Cat Party Nail Transfers, £6. These waterslide nail transfers are great for parties, festivals or gifting. I think we have a similar set available called Lucky Cats which have little coins and things too! Find it here.

-Cat Lady Gift Box, £28. This little gift box comes with a personalised cat muma tote bag, the cat party nail transfers and a gold cat lady keyring too. It comes boxed and is ready to gift to a fellow cat lover (or for keeping for yourself! - we won't judge!) Find it here.

And that's all for this week little Wonderlanders. Until next week!



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