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Yarndale 2018 - Our first visit & thoughts

Yarndale 2018 - Our first visit & thoughts
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This weekend was all about Yarndale! I first heard about yarndale about 2 or 3 years ago. It sounded like a truly magical yarntaular place. However with living so far away it just never really seemed like a viable trip :(


But as you know we actually relocated about 7 ish weeks ago to Skipton which just so happens is where Yarndale takes place! (It’s not like a planned it like that at all) *mwahhaaa haaa*


But over the past week I have been ill with a bad case of asthma, chest infection and a cold so we didn’t think we were going to make it this year.... ahhh my yarndale dreams were getting further and further away... But we decided to go check it out for a few hours . Yippee!
I prebooked the tickets on the Yarndale website, which gave us a little QR code. When we got there, we just handed over the receipt and it was super easy to get in. We actually only live a 10-15 minute walk away from the Skipton Auctionmart (Yarndale HQ). So, we got to follow the yarnbombing trail all through the park.
We arrived about lunch time, which obviously meant we had to have foodage first! First up, was the Little Red Pizza Shop, which turned out to be the best darn pizza in the world! We were starving when we got there, so every slice was like a gift from the heavens. I was planning on taking a photo, but it somehow all disappeared before I could get my camera out. Sorry!


So, below is a roundup of my photos from Yandale. Then if you scroll to the bottom, you can read our final thoughts and see what we purchased! 
Yarndale was AWESOME! I would totally recommend going! I did find that there wasn’t as much variety that I was hoping for. Also, there was a distinct lack of llamas or alpacas, but there was super fluffy bunnies instead!! Which somewhat made up for it 😍 One last thing we did notice was it was pretty damn hard to find somewhere to get a drink.


TOFT - OMG they has a freaking amazing setup! We got to see the launch of their knitting in a can, displayed on an even gianter can!😲


Wool Couture - Everything was so fluffy.✨ If you’re big on extreme knitting, then they are the place to go. As you can see, I purchased 2 of their kits, which I may have already completed (Help, I can’t stop!). I love their stuff and plan on buying a lot more! Plus, the staff were super nice an helpful!


Sincerely Louise - Girl crush!!! 😍😍😍I love her so much!!! I’ve been following her for years, and have been debating buying her stuff for ages. I always thought her kits were super hard and thought I’d never finish them with work commitments. But, yeah, I’m nearly finished... She was super nice, friendly, helpful and a total mega babe!😍 She also launched her new book there, but I couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask her to sign one for me :( 


Well that’s all for this week little Wonderlanders! Have a magical afternoon






  • Tess: September 30, 2018

    Thank you so much! I’ve never really been to many but this has definitely spurred me on to visit and blog about more! Ha ha! Yes I will be beginning saving too! 😂

    There were quite a few seating areas throughout the event and you can pick up a free little brochure upon entry of where they all are too. 💖

  • Jane: September 30, 2018

    I loved reading your blog, I love shows like this and will have to save up for next year…..if I start now, I might get a canny stash of notes to take 😂😂😂
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now, were there many seats? Xx

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