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Chub Rub Club Mirror

Chub Rub Club Mirror - House Of Wonderland, HOW
Chub Rub Club Mirror - House Of Wonderland, HOW
£5.00 GBP
Our chub rub club the only club you should join when you're thighs just love each other too much! If you know the true pain of summer then accessorize yourself with this super handy mirror. Liberate your lady legs with this awareness raising design.

A great size to fit in any handbag or purse for any cub rub member. Our hand pressed mirrors measure approx 6cm in size.

Made in the UK, each mirror is made by hand in our workshop. Once the mirror is finished, they are packaged with a HOW tag. We continue to make sure that all our products are made with British supplies. Please note that as each mirror is lovingly handmade, so there may be slight variations in the finished product.

Your order will come packaged on a white HOW tag, and in a special bubble wrap envelope to protect him on his journey.